why wasn't i this cool?

so my friend just recently moved to korea with her daughter and husband. since she knows how petite i am, she sent me pictures from some website that sells children's clothes to see if i was interested in any. being so tiny, it's really hard to find the right clothing and shoe options...especially when most of my choices are either bright pink with glittery butterflies from the gap or business suits and old lady shoes from petite sophisticate.

so imagine how stoked i was when i saw all of these pictures with what looks like fashionable mini-adults. apparently in korea, practically everyone, from toddlers to 55 year olds, follow fashion trends to a T! at least that's what my korean friends have told me.

anyway, i cant get over how adorable they all look. and granted that the majority of the clothes are for little boys, i honestly wouldnt mind owning almost every piece that they are modeling. i mean, they're all pretty much androgynous items

wish i was dressed this well as a kid!

actually, i wish i was dressed this well period. the little boy in the last photo could seriously give LULU and her dropped crotch pants a run for her money.


the shred wagon

i jumped on it.

for quite a while, my time spent in class was usually spent doodling designs and coming up with minor alterations to basic tee's like dyeing, thinning, stenciling, etc...

i had seen the raquel allegra shirts on MK and erin wasson and loved the distressed look but i had never thought of trying my hand at it. after seeing a whole bunch of people's posts on shredded tee attempts, i figured i'd try it out too. but being the impatient gal that i am, i couldnt wait for thesomethingpicasso or camille to post tutorials on how they did theirs. so while watching project runway reruns, i went to work on a basic black tee that i cut into a tank. honestly folks, it's not hard. but it is time consuming. and i also found that my first few eager attempts ended up in big holes...so take it slow and be gentle =]

i used a mechanical pencil, a razor, and a needle...

i'm definitely not done shredding it. but i think it's really relaxing to do so i'm just going to add more shreds to it every time i wear the tank out and about.

the studs and chain are removable and temporary. i just wanted to see what else i could add to it.

but really, i'm already in love. too bad my boyfriend disapproves of me wearing the tank without a bandeau bra under! hah