im dead.

this fall quarter has seriously taken a toll on me.

i feel so exhausted and just beat down and im about ready to give up. (academically, that is)

and it doesnt help that i have two finals coming up in less than an hour...so i really dont know why im blogging right now...

oh well, once those two are out of the way, i'll only have two more left and then im home freeee!

and now a random and style unrelated photo that always seems to make me smile:


don't you just wanna pat that lil bum?! hahah


why wasn't i this cool?

so my friend just recently moved to korea with her daughter and husband. since she knows how petite i am, she sent me pictures from some website that sells children's clothes to see if i was interested in any. being so tiny, it's really hard to find the right clothing and shoe options...especially when most of my choices are either bright pink with glittery butterflies from the gap or business suits and old lady shoes from petite sophisticate.

so imagine how stoked i was when i saw all of these pictures with what looks like fashionable mini-adults. apparently in korea, practically everyone, from toddlers to 55 year olds, follow fashion trends to a T! at least that's what my korean friends have told me.

anyway, i cant get over how adorable they all look. and granted that the majority of the clothes are for little boys, i honestly wouldnt mind owning almost every piece that they are modeling. i mean, they're all pretty much androgynous items

wish i was dressed this well as a kid!

actually, i wish i was dressed this well period. the little boy in the last photo could seriously give LULU and her dropped crotch pants a run for her money.


the shred wagon

i jumped on it.

for quite a while, my time spent in class was usually spent doodling designs and coming up with minor alterations to basic tee's like dyeing, thinning, stenciling, etc...

i had seen the raquel allegra shirts on MK and erin wasson and loved the distressed look but i had never thought of trying my hand at it. after seeing a whole bunch of people's posts on shredded tee attempts, i figured i'd try it out too. but being the impatient gal that i am, i couldnt wait for thesomethingpicasso or camille to post tutorials on how they did theirs. so while watching project runway reruns, i went to work on a basic black tee that i cut into a tank. honestly folks, it's not hard. but it is time consuming. and i also found that my first few eager attempts ended up in big holes...so take it slow and be gentle =]

i used a mechanical pencil, a razor, and a needle...

i'm definitely not done shredding it. but i think it's really relaxing to do so i'm just going to add more shreds to it every time i wear the tank out and about.

the studs and chain are removable and temporary. i just wanted to see what else i could add to it.

but really, i'm already in love. too bad my boyfriend disapproves of me wearing the tank without a bandeau bra under! hah


because of bear

Bear brought to my attention that i have been neglecting this blog. thank you bear for giving me some incentive to keep blogging. it's just, i've already said it so many times before and as much as i have tried and apologized, this blogging thing really does take a lot of work to update constantly! so to all of you daily bloggers out there, you've got every ounce of my respect. seriously.

here's what i've been up to since the last time i posted:

i had been wanting to make something similar to any of the dresses in christopher kane's spring 2007 collection but i just never got around to it. plus i had no idea where to start. i decided to try something basic at first, and now that ive managed to successfully sew elastic, im hoping to try something with more embellishment. it definitely needs a little more fitting...but that can wait.
the green slip dress was just something i put on underneath for the sole purpose of experimenting with my creation...

two detailed shots...

also, since school has just started and the weather is finally getting colder, i've been playing dress up a lot and have been trying to come up with tons of new outfits. i think that's the best part of fashion...being able to rework old pieces into totally different ensembles.

take a thrifted plaid shirt for instance...when i bought it, it was far too baggy in the arms so i simply took in a few inches to make it more fitted and flattering on me.

here's the first fall outfit that i used it in

quite simple, but i love it. and it's so comfy too!

this second outfit is equestrian inspired as if you couldn't already tell

i really need to find some better fitting boots. these are fabulous, but they just don't hug my calves right

and lastly, here's the "i forgot my pants" look. my personal fave of the three


ego boosting

so the other day i was talking to my boyfriend and telling him how im actually sorta sad that i havent been chosen as look of the day from fabsugar.com's lookbook in quite a long time. right after we had this conversation, i began my daily fashion blog browsing and after lurking around chictopia for some time, i decided to hit up fabsugar. well imagine my surprise as i scrolled down past posts about beyonce and miley cyrus and finally came across my own featured look! yay. needless to say, there was some silly celebration dancing done to the amusement of my boyfriend. i know getting "look of the day" isn't much, but hey...it made my day. and as much as i hate to admit it, there's no denying that it makes me feel good about my sense of style.

after seeing this, i decided to look back through all the other looks of the day to find the last time i was featured. it was almost exactly a year ago!!! that would have been strange...or maybe thats just me making something outta nothing haha

anyway, here's me featured as the look of the day on august 15, 2007

though it was only a year ago, i think my style has somewhat changed. i actually dont think i would ever wear this outfit again...well maybe for like a themed party or a picnic. it's almost a little too costume-y to me now.

and here's my winning outfit for the look of the day!


Birthday Shenanigans in Color

As promised...here's my birthday DAY outfit

i've always loved this color combination for some reason. some might think it's a bit random, but i find it refreshing and just fun! i've had this dress since i was a freshman in high school but i never got around to wearing it. 6 years later, it was still hanging in my closet just begging to be worn and updated with some strappy heels.

you can't tell in the first two pictures, but i had my hair in two braids that met in the back and looped into a little knot that was held in place by a beautiful orange hair pin. too bad i decided that i would just let my hair down though (last picture) without the headband or anything. i guess i was feeling sorta plain during the day?! i saved the headband for my night look anyway.

gold floral headband: made by me!
seafoam green/ blue dress: naartjie for kids! hehe
orange patent heels: nordstroms


Birthday Shenanigans in Black

so it was my birthday a few days ago and i had a little birthday party with a few of my closest friends on friday night. i took these photos right before the party started, in my friend's old room. he's slowly moving out so there's lots of room for outfit documenting!

sadly, i had a guest at my party who commented that i looked like a stripper because of my shoes. anyone else have the same feeling about them?!? i'm guessing not since most of you fashion-y bloggers are also into the gladiator look right now. anyway, it still sorta made me feel insecure the rest of the night =/ hmph!

not a good feeling at all especially cus everyone was listening...until they started getting a little too drunk that is ahaha!

black top: forever21
leather belt: coach
black gladiators: nordstroms
black skinny jeans: 7 for all mankind
gold flower headband: made by me!
silver cross lariat necklace: made by me!

oh and i'll probably be posting my birthday DAY outfit sometime soon. this is just what i wore for night.


making up for my absence

since the last time i posted back in june, i got a new camera as an early birthday present from my sister. i messed around with it a bit and then later decided that i still love my old one and its quality much much more. or maybe thats just me being attached and not really liking change. hahah. anyway, here's a few photos taken in my little backyard which i truly love oh so much. my mommy put a lot of work into it and im quite proud of her. too bad the summer heat is really getting to the lawn =/

some photoshop fun

more photoshop fun. i'd LOVE a pink lawn!!!

shoes: classified
hippie-esque fresh flower headband: made by me
dress: no name brand brought back from the philippines

it's a very minimalist look isn't it?!

i went back on my word

although i said i wouldnt forget about this blog and that i would post daily, i havent updated in over a month...but with good reason i suppose. i've been super busy looking for a new apartment to stay in for the fast approaching school year, i just started summer school, and all in all, i just kinda felt like spending my time with my friends and family rather than blogging all day would be a more productive way to spend my summer.

oh and i forgot to mention that i was becoming a bit bored of the clothes that i owned and as a result, felt no need to document them through pictures and blog posts. however, recently i've been trying my best to reincorporate them into some new looks with a few new articles of clothing that i sewed myself.

take this outfit for instance:

this was early on in the summer when i had a picnic in the park with my mister and we decided to dress up in red and white. too bad after we decided this, i realized that i didnt really have anything that i wanted to wear. so i whipped up this skirt from some fabric that i had hanging around and i took my mom's old ill-fitting white top and altered it to fit me like a glove. i also made the flower headband.

right after i finished sewing the skirt and altering my mom's white top

in front of a beautiful victorian house at the park that we went to

me and my mister of three years ♥

my boyfriend and his cousin built a treehouse in his backyard so i had to take a picture in it! too awesome. it even has a little bucket attached to a pulley contraption...it's sole purpose is to haul a buttload of cold brewskies up to the treehouse. ahh, summer laziness.

shoes: classified
white basic top: banana republic
skirt and flower headband: made by me


polyvore phase

so every now and then, i find an interactive site that i become completely obsessed with for about a week and then have to forget about so i can actually get things done. this week, i'm back on Polyvore and i'm afraid i've become too addicted. i love creating sets of outfits that i would love to own and wear. here are a few that i dreamt up.

this one sorta reminds me of a gothic ballerina. the color of the clutch is so amazing and i would kill for that peacock headband! the shoes are crazy fierce and over the top. if they actually had my size in them, i'd probably snatch them up in an instant and pair them with some super feminine flowy dress for contrast.

the next two sets are what i imagine i would wear once i am older and working in an office or something of that sort. for now, they are a bit too mature and dressy for anything i'd ever have to go to, but it was fun putting it together!

my favorite part about polyvore though is that you can add your own items, so you can actually plan out an outfit online without having to physically try it on to see if it works! though i must admit that playing dress up physically is still one of my favorite pastimes, Polyvore's soo convenient for those lazy days when i don't feel like folding and hanging everything that i've tried on. so here's another set i put together, working in both exact and similar items that i own

i call it "grandma chic"

and here's the set materialized on me...sans the scarf and glasses. i also opted for more colorful shoes than the navy pumps.

navy dress: FCUK girls (first post)
mustard 3/4 cardigan: forever 21 (two posts ago)
whiskey ysl muse inspired purse: urban outfitters

i couldn't decide which pair of shoes i liked best!
whiskey heels: vintage yves saint laurent
mustard penny-loafer pumps: vtg, custom made for aunt


the woman i worship

yesterday was my mom's birthday. she is the cutest thing in this world, or at least i think so! we had dinner with my boyfriend at the restaurant of her choice and then went home to cut her cake.

so here's to my mum, the coolest adult i know! i hope one day i grow up to be half as fun and silly as she is.

my boyfriend and i made a cute little scrapbook for her


oops...i did it again.

haha, so in my first ever post i said i would do my best at updating this blog frequently and daily, but that already fell through as i already missed 4 days of outfit blogging! i forgot to mention this and didn't get to apologize in my post earlier today, but since i dont have too many readers yet, i'm guessing it's quite alright.

anyway, here's what i wore for sunday mass this morning. my mom and i ran into my aunt and grandma at church and they were both quick to comment that my shorts were "too sexy for church" to which i replied, "naaah. khaki shorts can never really be sexy." maybe i'm alone in thinking this, but that's just how i feel after going to a private school for 8 years where plaid skirts, khaki shorts and white polos was the uniform.

cream braided belt: the gap
mustard 3/4 cardigan: forever 21
high waisted khaki shorts: arden b.
textured mauve tank: banana republic
mustard penny-loafer pumps: vtg,custom made for aunt
tan and cream shoulder purse: vtg, mom's old Dooney & Bourke