polyvore phase

so every now and then, i find an interactive site that i become completely obsessed with for about a week and then have to forget about so i can actually get things done. this week, i'm back on Polyvore and i'm afraid i've become too addicted. i love creating sets of outfits that i would love to own and wear. here are a few that i dreamt up.

this one sorta reminds me of a gothic ballerina. the color of the clutch is so amazing and i would kill for that peacock headband! the shoes are crazy fierce and over the top. if they actually had my size in them, i'd probably snatch them up in an instant and pair them with some super feminine flowy dress for contrast.

the next two sets are what i imagine i would wear once i am older and working in an office or something of that sort. for now, they are a bit too mature and dressy for anything i'd ever have to go to, but it was fun putting it together!

my favorite part about polyvore though is that you can add your own items, so you can actually plan out an outfit online without having to physically try it on to see if it works! though i must admit that playing dress up physically is still one of my favorite pastimes, Polyvore's soo convenient for those lazy days when i don't feel like folding and hanging everything that i've tried on. so here's another set i put together, working in both exact and similar items that i own

i call it "grandma chic"

and here's the set materialized on me...sans the scarf and glasses. i also opted for more colorful shoes than the navy pumps.

navy dress: FCUK girls (first post)
mustard 3/4 cardigan: forever 21 (two posts ago)
whiskey ysl muse inspired purse: urban outfitters

i couldn't decide which pair of shoes i liked best!
whiskey heels: vintage yves saint laurent
mustard penny-loafer pumps: vtg, custom made for aunt


the woman i worship

yesterday was my mom's birthday. she is the cutest thing in this world, or at least i think so! we had dinner with my boyfriend at the restaurant of her choice and then went home to cut her cake.

so here's to my mum, the coolest adult i know! i hope one day i grow up to be half as fun and silly as she is.

my boyfriend and i made a cute little scrapbook for her


oops...i did it again.

haha, so in my first ever post i said i would do my best at updating this blog frequently and daily, but that already fell through as i already missed 4 days of outfit blogging! i forgot to mention this and didn't get to apologize in my post earlier today, but since i dont have too many readers yet, i'm guessing it's quite alright.

anyway, here's what i wore for sunday mass this morning. my mom and i ran into my aunt and grandma at church and they were both quick to comment that my shorts were "too sexy for church" to which i replied, "naaah. khaki shorts can never really be sexy." maybe i'm alone in thinking this, but that's just how i feel after going to a private school for 8 years where plaid skirts, khaki shorts and white polos was the uniform.

cream braided belt: the gap
mustard 3/4 cardigan: forever 21
high waisted khaki shorts: arden b.
textured mauve tank: banana republic
mustard penny-loafer pumps: vtg,custom made for aunt
tan and cream shoulder purse: vtg, mom's old Dooney & Bourke


dance with the fairies

maybe it's the color combination, since it reminds me of disney's tinkerbell...or maybe it's the ruffled silhouette that i created by bunching up the dress. whatever it is, this mossy green tank paired with my grandmother's vintage peach shirt dress makes me think of fairies frolicking by a flowing creek bend.

you can see in this first photo that the dress is a simple, full length shirt dress--which i find very unflattering and overwhelming on my petite frame.

i added a belt to create two layers by cinching the fabric, with the top layer being just long enough to hide the belt.
i wish there was something i could do about the wideness that all of the layering creates in my midsection though...there's no waist definition at all!

belt (can't be seen): joan & david
peach shirt dress: vtg, grandmother's
cream peekaboo heels with clear cut outs: vtg bruno magli's
moss green tank worn as vest: random brand from the philippines

the bee's knees

ive just recently started to like the yellow and black color combo. i wish i could credit it to this outfit worn by one of my (as well as everyone else's) favorite models, agyness deyn:

but in reality, besides the yellow and black, i'm not too fond of it. sorry agy...i much prefer kim min-hee's take on it -which, btw, she wore a month before agy did!

quite similar no?! i think it's the fact that kim min-hee decided to make the jeans a pair of cut off shorts which in my opinion looks a whole lot better than the full on shredded pants that agy is wearing. now if only i could find myself a bat-print tank. i think a DIY project will soon be underway.

anyway, here's my best impression of a bumblebee ;) i tried a mustard yellow rather than the paler shade used in both outfits above.

gold clutch/chained handbag: thrifted
mustard long-sleeved basic: Forever21
black skinny jeans: seven for all mankind
black velour vest: thrifted little boy's section
mustard penny-loafer pumps: vtg,custom made for aunt


sushi shorts

consumed copious amounts of sashimi and shredded daikon drenched in soy sauce and wasabi last night... it ended up being quite an expensive meal for the party of four present (my aunt, cousin, mom, and i--all of whom are under 5'4"). nevertheless, we agreed that it was worth it for the quality of food that we had. i think i will soon become a regular at Yuki, even if that means sacrificing some of my shoe savings for a 60 dollar meal. note to self: tis always a bad idea to wear anything high waisted when going out to eat.

of course i had to take a pic with a pair of dress up glasses. can someone explain my obsession with them please?!
oh and by the way, the blouse is long-sleeved but i rolled them up and cuffed them with a black hair tie on each arm.

ruffled sheer blouse: vintage
high waisted satin shorts: arden b.
black patent platforms: nordstroms
gold clutch/ chained handbag: thrifted
non-prescription glasses: Forever21


flower child

not too hot or cold in my hometown today, so i decided to take my cousin's dog for a walk around the park. when it comes to accessories, i usually go really simple (a ring or a bracelet) or my idea of totally over the top (like you see here). when i feel like piling it on, i really pile it on. i probably wouldve been wearing way more bracelets and rings with this outfit had i not just moved back home from college and misplaced my jewelry box. oh well!

oh yeah, and is it just me, or is it really hard to capture a full length body shot with self-timer?! haha maybe it's just bc i've never done this sort of thing before. anyway, that's why i decided to include a close up of the two pairs of shoes that i was deciding between. i ended up going with the wedges since i knew my cousin's dog would inevitably break free during our walk, forcing me to run after him down the street.

top: Forever21
jewelry: mostly thrifted
cream braided belt: the gap
convertible clutch/shoulder bag: vintage
whiskey heels: vintage yves saint laurent
tan wedges: brought back from malaysia by my auntie!
cuffed denim shorts: made them myself from an old pair of jeans

here i go again

Here I am, trying out this blogging thing once again after stumbling upon an old classmate's blog (Erika). I've said I would take it seriously many times before, but with school, work, friends and the boyfriend, well...you know how it is. This time however I will try my best to update this fashion blog frequently, well, more of a fashion diary if you will...I'll be posting my past, present, and future daily outfits just for my own reference (you know those days when you just have no idea what to wear and have to resort to an old but fab outfit). In any case, I hope you can get some inspiration from my style as well!

i wore this last night to my cousin's party. i dont need glasses, but sometimes i wish i did since my mom so passionately disapproves of my playing dress up with pre-scripted ones (she says i'll go blind!). now i've resorted to punching out the lenses of my aunt's old christian dior frames which i inexplicably love.

ring: a gift that i never ever take off
gold swing jacket borrowed from my mom: Forever21
navy dress: FCUK girls (did i mention i'm super tiny?! like size 8 in kids tiny.)
suede slouch boots: custom made in italy (i have to get a lot of shoes made since i wear a sz 4 women's)

More about me...

I’ve always been fascinated with all forms of art—though nothing can compare to my obsession with fashion. Like many other little girls, dressing up Barbie dolls was a favorite pastime of mine. However, being raised by a single mother of two, I was not so fortunate to have every outfit, accessory, and miniature pair of heels that I longed to style my doll with. While my older sister lovingly brushed her Barbie’s tresses and preserved the pre-made ensembles that came in the box, I on the other hand hacked away at her hair, changed her lip color with nail polish, and altered her outfits as I saw fit.

Tired of hearing “not this time” from my mom at the toy store, I began creating dress designs cut from construction paper that I haphazardly taped onto Barbie’s plastic bust. Never the kind to be content with a first attempt, I then started sewing makeshift dresses from paper towels and “borrowed” corners cut from my mom’s bed sheets. After receiving light spankings for ruining too many of our linens and altering everything I could get my hands on, I decided it was time to move up to scraps of material that I collected from under my granny’s sewing table.

Seemingly born with an entrepreneurial spirit, I started a line of custom mixed lip-gloss, scented glitter body lotion, and hair accessories the summer before I entered the 5th grade. Though originally meant as gifts for my best friends and something to keep me busy, my cutesy packaging and product names combined with word of mouth gained me a fair client base of elementary school girls. Not expecting to be such a hit, I gladly accepted donations and asked my customers to pay what they thought my products were worth. After receiving my first ten-dollar bill for a bottle of glitter body lotion that I named Twinkly Toesies, I called it quits and moved onto learning Photoshop on the brand new desktop that my mom bought for my sister.

Photoshop fascinated me. It was Microsoft Paint and then some. I literally spent hours after school and during the weekends learning to use all of the different kinds of brushes and tools available at the time. By the sixth grade, I was scanning my hand drawn apparel designs and playing around with the color tool to create the custom shades and prints that I wanted without ever having to compromise my original sketches. When I got tired of that, I moved onto sillier things like putting my head on Emma Watson’s body (I had the biggest crush on Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton when I was a kid!) or making my friends and family look like aliens. I kept with it and to this day I still play around in Photoshop just for fun! It's so relaxing and it's a great way for me to make collages for my blog posts.

My interests really haven't changed much because I basically just do the same things but at a deeper and more focused level. Now if I take a bed sheet from my mom to turn into a dress or skirt, she isn't so inclined to spanking me anymore ;)

Stick around for posts about my inspiration, designs, and miscellaneous ramblings.