dance with the fairies

maybe it's the color combination, since it reminds me of disney's tinkerbell...or maybe it's the ruffled silhouette that i created by bunching up the dress. whatever it is, this mossy green tank paired with my grandmother's vintage peach shirt dress makes me think of fairies frolicking by a flowing creek bend.

you can see in this first photo that the dress is a simple, full length shirt dress--which i find very unflattering and overwhelming on my petite frame.

i added a belt to create two layers by cinching the fabric, with the top layer being just long enough to hide the belt.
i wish there was something i could do about the wideness that all of the layering creates in my midsection though...there's no waist definition at all!

belt (can't be seen): joan & david
peach shirt dress: vtg, grandmother's
cream peekaboo heels with clear cut outs: vtg bruno magli's
moss green tank worn as vest: random brand from the philippines


Laurel said...

What a phenomenal DIY job! That looks so stunning. I love anything with a bit of 'pouf' to it, bigger is better! You're gorgeous!

Love your blog, and thank you for the sweet comment!

Sarah said...

you are too cute! love ur style!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

You're soooo CUTE!!!!!!

Jenny H. said...

i lovee the ruffles on the dress.
great outfit!

Ragamala said...

I always have to rehem my shirt dresses because I'm ridiculously short.

prettygeeky.com said...

Nice improvisation! The outfit looks great on you.

Princess.Maria said...

love ur shoes !!!

ely said...
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warholchic2 said...

aw thanks for the kind words guys =]

ragamala, ME TOO! ahaha it's sort of awful. but it forced me to learn how to sew which is pretty cool i guess

princess.maria, aren't the cut outs cool?!?!!! my grandma actually gave them to me and a pair of black ones too which is exciting bc any pair of mature shoes that fit me is a miracle since my feet are so small. i am in love with them!