playing ketchup.

[Yes, that is a Jonas brother.]

[halloween 09] $2 costume - last minute DIY

[playing dress up with one of my favorite cousins - Lady Gaga Inspired]

[isn't she beautiful?!]

This break I got to relax and spend time with my family and friends. My first few days back, I spent a lot of time with my cousin that I grew up with. We're very close...just like sisters, and I love that we can still play dress up together just like when we were little kids.

It's a lot of fun for us to both try out different outfits and makeup looks...even if the rest of our family thinks we're crazy! When we're together, we hardly ever get any sleep and we're always getting in trouble by her parents for laughing too loudly. We just really enjoy each other's company!

For Christmas, my boyfriend bought this awesome pendant for me...

Matte Circle Pendant

these elegant "O" earrings...

Matte "O" Earrings

and this dainty, almost fairy-like, pinky ring!

Rose Heart Ring

I absolutely loved everything that he bought for me, so I demanded to know where he got them from. He told me about LuShae Jewelry and so I browsed the site for a bit. I must admit that some of the items are very hit or miss, but when it's a hit, oh man it's a hit! I am seriously craving this Cobblestone ring right now. I'm imagining it with my asymmetric leather jacket and some sort of blush colored ruffle dress...

Cobblestone Ring

and I could totally see this ring as a part of Nicole Richie's House of Harlowe 1960 collection.
So boho, so awesome.

Envy Ring


Oh and for any of you bloggers interested in a chance of winning $5000, you should definitely check out the LuShae Sweepstakes. Takes no time at all to enter it and imagine what you could do with $5000 CASH...that's right! CASH! Not just some gift certificate to their own store or anything boring like that.