dream a little dream

my boyfriend came across Mila's Daydreams via reddit and couldn't wait to share the cuteness with me.
this is honestly one of the most adorable things i have ever seen. while Mila is asleep, her mommy imagines
all of the thoughts that may be going through her sweet little nogin. she then creates a scene
with everyday items and sneakily snaps a few shots before she wakes up.

i'm so bummed i never thought of this. i always used to wonder what my little brother/cat
Mellow dreamt about, and it would've been so fun to create art with him while he slept.
siiigh. i really miss that little ball of fluff.

i guess i'm just going to have to steal a baby in order to try this idea out...
lol. i kid.


mellow mello

Mellow/Mello Estoesta
March 1995 - June 2010

My sister and I have never been able to agree on the spelling
of our little brother's name. He passed away yesterday and
today he was buried in our backyard wearing a beanie
that I crocheted for him a few winters ago.

I'm going to miss him so much.