birthday shh...it's the best time of the year

so delish.

i had been wanting these for a while but could never bring myself to buy them because i was unfamiliar with the brand and its sizing. im extremely picky about buying shoes online since it's clear that vanity sizing has been on the rise. im finding it harder and harder to find a true size 4 women's shoe now. so depressing.

anyway, the good news is, my boyfriend knew i had been drooling over them and was quick enough to buy the last pair in my size as part of my birthday gift! the semi-bad news is, the soft and feminine champagne pair that i had fallen in love with was already sold out so he had to settle for the black version. im not complaining. =D

birthday shoes. the best time of the year.






celebrated my 21st here on the east coast just recently. as much as i wish i couldve been at home to celebrate it with the rest of my family and friends in cali, i cant deny that i had a great time. my sister and her boyfriend have been spoiling me since the day i got here! i've been staying with them for over two months without having to pay rent or utilities (im on the east coast doing a summer internship for a small-time designer/boutique owner) so i really wasnt expecting anything else for my birthday. but they also let my boyfriend crash at their place for two weeks, took me to dinner three times to celebrate my 21st, got me my very first dslr (ABOUT TIME!!! sooo stoked), oh yeah, and did i mention...an all-expense-paid trip to puerto rico for a week (time of my life). how ill ever repay them, im not quite sure... anybody have any ideas?! =)