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in which i could pick cherries all day

Cynthia Steffe

Louise Gray


Ralph Lauren

One of the biggest runway trends for Spring 2010. I know a lot of people might be like, "WTH?! Why would they ever bring those back!?" but I've got a soft spot for overalls so I'm pretty excited. I've got a vintage shorts version that has been waiting for forever to be worn. It's most similar to the cutesy one at Cynthia Steffe paired with a flowy white blouse.

I really like the updated details and runway styling of this trend. I guess since it's a garment more frequently worn by little girls, the sugary, almost oversweet, and playful feel was the way to go. The rolled up cuffs and thick socks with heels reminds me of when I used to play dress up with my mom's shoes...it looks so innocent and chic at the same time.





the mister and i spent our saturday exploring our college campus. it's our last year and there's still so much of our school that we haven't seen!

ps. i'm wearing the beanie that i made a tutorial for in my last post. my bf took these photographs

Beaded Beanie Tutorial

It’s that time of year again, so get out your cold weather wear and sort through the good and the bad!

Moth holes? Pilling? Stains? Instead of throwing away your less than perfect sweaters, why not recycle and turn them into a brand new beanie and mitten set? Whether it’s thrifted, belonged to an ex, or the one you wore to last year’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Party –as long as it’s got some stretch, it should work for this simple DIY project.

* Tip: Choose a sweater with some sort of cuff or band at the waist and sleeves if you want to make a beanie and mitten set with a fold-over cuff.

What You’ll Need:





Pins (Optional but helpful!)

Something to measure with

Your sharpest pair of scissors

Something to make marks with (I’m using washable eyeliner here but chalk works too.)

Anything to add detail to your hat and gloves (Beads, old buttons, sequins, loose charms, etc.)

Step 1: Mark Your Measurements


Begin with your sweater inside out and laid flat. If you want to add a cuff, now is the time to fold in your sweater’s waistband onto the inside. Do the same to the sleeves if you want your mittens to have fold-over cuffs as well (See image above).

A 10-inch width and 8-inch length should fit most people, but also take the stretchiness of your sweater into consideration and adjust accordingly.

* Tip: It’s always better to be more liberal with your measurements. Otherwise, you might end up with a hat and mittens too small for you or whomever you’re planning to make them for!

A. First mark the full width (~10 inches) starting from one of the side seams and then find the center (~5 inches) and mark that as well.

B. Next measure the length of the hat (~8 inches) up from the center and make a mark.

C. Connect the marks that you’ve made into a dome shape for your hat.

D. Loosely trace your hand in the rough shape of a mitten.

Step 2: Snip and Sew



(Optional step) Pin the perimeter of your shape to avoid fabric shifting while cutting.

E. Cut hat shape out making sure to cut above instead of on the line to leave some room for error. Don’t throw away the extra sweater material!

F. Get caught up with your favorite show while you sew it all up! If you’ve got a sewing machine, I recommend using a sturdy zigzag stitch for your seam. For hand sewers, just do what comes easiest to you. It doesn’t have to look perfect since any mistakes will be well hidden and on the inside. Just make sure that your stitches are tight.

G. Remove your pins and trim off any excess fabric.

H. Now flip it back so the right side is showing and try it on!

Step 3 (Optional): Details and Decor


I. While wearing your hat (or mittens), mark wherever you want your details to go. This will help you sew your decorations on in the correct position.

J. Now sew everything into place making sure to cover up your marks. Be creative! I used three old buttons and a few loose beads from a broken necklace of mine. You can add sequins, flowers, or even pom-poms. (I recommend this tutorial.)

K. (Only for hats and mittens with a fold-over cuff)

With some matching thread, sew a small single stitch through both layers of fabric. Do this every two or three inches around the perimeter of the hat and mittens to keep the cuffs in place.

[Repeat steps F - K for mittens.]

Hope you’re all as happy with your work as I am with mine! Enjoy your sweet new hat and mittens or give them to a friend as a present.

If whatever’s left over of your sweater is still useable (no big stains or holes), save it and stay tuned for another project later: Recycled Sweater Do-It-Yourself – Part 2!


and he kissed me 'til the morning light


and he kissed me 'til the morning light - 09.23.09

From this point on, I have one goal to achieve with any outfit post tagged as "bedtime stories" : to tell the story of that day through a song lyric/title and three photos alone.

Feel free to interpret. And guess the song title and artist too while you're at it. No cheating! ;)

Oh, and if you want to know more about the outfit, just ask.


birthday shh...it's the best time of the year

so delish.

i had been wanting these for a while but could never bring myself to buy them because i was unfamiliar with the brand and its sizing. im extremely picky about buying shoes online since it's clear that vanity sizing has been on the rise. im finding it harder and harder to find a true size 4 women's shoe now. so depressing.

anyway, the good news is, my boyfriend knew i had been drooling over them and was quick enough to buy the last pair in my size as part of my birthday gift! the semi-bad news is, the soft and feminine champagne pair that i had fallen in love with was already sold out so he had to settle for the black version. im not complaining. =D

birthday shoes. the best time of the year.






celebrated my 21st here on the east coast just recently. as much as i wish i couldve been at home to celebrate it with the rest of my family and friends in cali, i cant deny that i had a great time. my sister and her boyfriend have been spoiling me since the day i got here! i've been staying with them for over two months without having to pay rent or utilities (im on the east coast doing a summer internship for a small-time designer/boutique owner) so i really wasnt expecting anything else for my birthday. but they also let my boyfriend crash at their place for two weeks, took me to dinner three times to celebrate my 21st, got me my very first dslr (ABOUT TIME!!! sooo stoked), oh yeah, and did i mention...an all-expense-paid trip to puerto rico for a week (time of my life). how ill ever repay them, im not quite sure... anybody have any ideas?! =)


Black, White, and (Go)Green Ball

the boy and me at our table

heels + two steps = still shorter than my mister
(i wasn't lying when i said i was PETITE!!!)

my head-to-toe look

every year my major (textiles and clothing) throws a black, white, and [insert color here] ball. last year the color was pink, this year it was all about going green. in keeping with the theme, i decided to make my outfit out of the fabric that i had left over from one of my classes. luckily for me, the fabric i chose at the beginning of the quarter just happened to be white and green! i even made the boy-toy a matching bow tie. the bow in my hair was the one he was going to wear originally, but it turned out to be too small and it also clashed with his striped cardi so i made him a different one.

it isn't pictured here, but i also made a simple black and white clutch from some random black tarp i found in a janky recycling bin haha! will upload pictures of that another day.

ive been doing a lot of sewing and crafting lately...i find it's the best way for me to deal with not being able to find anything that i like in my size. being petite is really tough, but trust me, if you can get some DIY basics down, it'll save you a lot of heartache and frustration. now if only i could make my own shoes...

necklace: chain from one of my purses
shoes: from a line that i just started selling (only US sz 4 - 6 / EU sz 34 - 36 )
ring: san francisco flea market