obscene strategies


i'm finally all moved back from college. i miss my old apartment and i hate unpacking.
but...i do love finding old things in the process!!! i guess that's what keeps me going.

the photos above are of the first pairs of undies i ever made. i sewed them all entirely
by hand and out of 100% recycled fabric! they originally started out as a present for my
sister who loves my homemade gifts. unfortunately for her, they turned out too small.

lucky for me though, because the next pair that i tried making for myself turned out too
small again and ended up fitting my 4 year old cousin instead hahaha.

they're cake to make once you get the sizing right.


Anonymous said...

Homemade? Wow! They look so cute.

3ate4 said...

They look great, not homemade at all!

Snow Black said...

Cute undies and you have a great body ! ;- )

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

i love the purple panties!! the ruching on the side is so gorgeous:)


Alouette said...

OOOOoooh well you certainly have an underwear designing future ahead of you; they're original and really flatter your (perfect - damn you) bodayyy

Isabel said...

awesome job!

Danielle Barbe said...

so freaking cute. love all the ruching.

dennicapearl said...

cute :D great job!

<3 dennica pearl
- through the eyes of a pearl
- shop

Phuong said...

really good work, looks lovely