ego boosting

so the other day i was talking to my boyfriend and telling him how im actually sorta sad that i havent been chosen as look of the day from fabsugar.com's lookbook in quite a long time. right after we had this conversation, i began my daily fashion blog browsing and after lurking around chictopia for some time, i decided to hit up fabsugar. well imagine my surprise as i scrolled down past posts about beyonce and miley cyrus and finally came across my own featured look! yay. needless to say, there was some silly celebration dancing done to the amusement of my boyfriend. i know getting "look of the day" isn't much, but hey...it made my day. and as much as i hate to admit it, there's no denying that it makes me feel good about my sense of style.

after seeing this, i decided to look back through all the other looks of the day to find the last time i was featured. it was almost exactly a year ago!!! that would have been strange...or maybe thats just me making something outta nothing haha

anyway, here's me featured as the look of the day on august 15, 2007

though it was only a year ago, i think my style has somewhat changed. i actually dont think i would ever wear this outfit again...well maybe for like a themed party or a picnic. it's almost a little too costume-y to me now.

and here's my winning outfit for the look of the day!


Birthday Shenanigans in Color

As promised...here's my birthday DAY outfit

i've always loved this color combination for some reason. some might think it's a bit random, but i find it refreshing and just fun! i've had this dress since i was a freshman in high school but i never got around to wearing it. 6 years later, it was still hanging in my closet just begging to be worn and updated with some strappy heels.

you can't tell in the first two pictures, but i had my hair in two braids that met in the back and looped into a little knot that was held in place by a beautiful orange hair pin. too bad i decided that i would just let my hair down though (last picture) without the headband or anything. i guess i was feeling sorta plain during the day?! i saved the headband for my night look anyway.

gold floral headband: made by me!
seafoam green/ blue dress: naartjie for kids! hehe
orange patent heels: nordstroms


Birthday Shenanigans in Black

so it was my birthday a few days ago and i had a little birthday party with a few of my closest friends on friday night. i took these photos right before the party started, in my friend's old room. he's slowly moving out so there's lots of room for outfit documenting!

sadly, i had a guest at my party who commented that i looked like a stripper because of my shoes. anyone else have the same feeling about them?!? i'm guessing not since most of you fashion-y bloggers are also into the gladiator look right now. anyway, it still sorta made me feel insecure the rest of the night =/ hmph!

not a good feeling at all especially cus everyone was listening...until they started getting a little too drunk that is ahaha!

black top: forever21
leather belt: coach
black gladiators: nordstroms
black skinny jeans: 7 for all mankind
gold flower headband: made by me!
silver cross lariat necklace: made by me!

oh and i'll probably be posting my birthday DAY outfit sometime soon. this is just what i wore for night.


making up for my absence

since the last time i posted back in june, i got a new camera as an early birthday present from my sister. i messed around with it a bit and then later decided that i still love my old one and its quality much much more. or maybe thats just me being attached and not really liking change. hahah. anyway, here's a few photos taken in my little backyard which i truly love oh so much. my mommy put a lot of work into it and im quite proud of her. too bad the summer heat is really getting to the lawn =/

some photoshop fun

more photoshop fun. i'd LOVE a pink lawn!!!

shoes: classified
hippie-esque fresh flower headband: made by me
dress: no name brand brought back from the philippines

it's a very minimalist look isn't it?!

i went back on my word

although i said i wouldnt forget about this blog and that i would post daily, i havent updated in over a month...but with good reason i suppose. i've been super busy looking for a new apartment to stay in for the fast approaching school year, i just started summer school, and all in all, i just kinda felt like spending my time with my friends and family rather than blogging all day would be a more productive way to spend my summer.

oh and i forgot to mention that i was becoming a bit bored of the clothes that i owned and as a result, felt no need to document them through pictures and blog posts. however, recently i've been trying my best to reincorporate them into some new looks with a few new articles of clothing that i sewed myself.

take this outfit for instance:

this was early on in the summer when i had a picnic in the park with my mister and we decided to dress up in red and white. too bad after we decided this, i realized that i didnt really have anything that i wanted to wear. so i whipped up this skirt from some fabric that i had hanging around and i took my mom's old ill-fitting white top and altered it to fit me like a glove. i also made the flower headband.

right after i finished sewing the skirt and altering my mom's white top

in front of a beautiful victorian house at the park that we went to

me and my mister of three years ♥

my boyfriend and his cousin built a treehouse in his backyard so i had to take a picture in it! too awesome. it even has a little bucket attached to a pulley contraption...it's sole purpose is to haul a buttload of cold brewskies up to the treehouse. ahh, summer laziness.

shoes: classified
white basic top: banana republic
skirt and flower headband: made by me