Birthday Shenanigans in Black

so it was my birthday a few days ago and i had a little birthday party with a few of my closest friends on friday night. i took these photos right before the party started, in my friend's old room. he's slowly moving out so there's lots of room for outfit documenting!

sadly, i had a guest at my party who commented that i looked like a stripper because of my shoes. anyone else have the same feeling about them?!? i'm guessing not since most of you fashion-y bloggers are also into the gladiator look right now. anyway, it still sorta made me feel insecure the rest of the night =/ hmph!

not a good feeling at all especially cus everyone was listening...until they started getting a little too drunk that is ahaha!

black top: forever21
leather belt: coach
black gladiators: nordstroms
black skinny jeans: 7 for all mankind
gold flower headband: made by me!
silver cross lariat necklace: made by me!

oh and i'll probably be posting my birthday DAY outfit sometime soon. this is just what i wore for night.


~Jay~ said...

Ah this outfit is to cute{: and i love the shoes! tell that guest to shut it}

She's Dressing Up said...

Amazing hairband! The shoes look great with the outfit, don't worry!

Richel said...

this looks fun!