and another one

photos from the shoot i styled are still slowly trickling in.
Page is just the cutest! she literally can pull off ANYTHING.

too bad she's not looking up...i asked her to keep her
septum piercing in for this look, but it's hardly noticeable.
i still haven't gotten the rest of the shots though,
so hopefully a few do her doll face justice.

i've been so busy lately that i've hardly had much time
to do anything for myself. but i'm really excited about the
project that my boyfriend and i are working on!
it isn't fashion related, but it's still fun.



just got these two shots from the photo shoot i styled a few weeks ago! i can't remember
how many looks i styled that day...i just remember it being super hectic.

i was still in the process of moving back from my apartment in Davis when i got a message from
Stephanie asking if i was available to style for her. everything was really thrown together since
my belongings were spread out between Davis and the Bay! i managed to pull
10+ outfits from my closet though, and it definitely helped to have my
mom's, grandma's, and cousin's closets to pull from too.

i absolutely loved working with Page, Stephanie, and Wendy. it was definitely a change to be
on a team of all girls. ever since i graduated, i've basically been on tomboy
mode (not a bad thing at all ^_^) just hanging out with my boyfriend and coming
up with random ideas we wish we had the resources to develop!

right now we're playing with the idea of making an android app/game.
we'll see how it goes! so far it's been pretty fun planning it out.

more photos from my shoot with Page soon!


night cleaning

image source: various
i finally found some time to clean up my desktop... So here's some eye candy.
You're Welcome. :)


simpler things

a simple and more wearable look that I styled
for my shoot with Char'Nae and Joshua



finally got the CD of shots i styled way back in April (i think?!).
can't help but point out the negatives in every single one.
i guess it's a good thing because i'm still learning,
and i think there's nothing better for growth and improvement
than to step back and be critical of your own work.

my motto:
could be better

btw, off topic, but that reminds me...has anyone ever heard of the
MBTI personality test?!
i know it's super generalized, and i've never really put much weight on those kinda tests
(especially because I had to take this one for a leadership class haha)
but i did find it interesting that my results put me under the "
IDEALIST" temperament.
so very fitting for my fault-finding self. hmm...

anyway, now i'm (im)patiently waiting for the shots i styled for the lovely
Page Ruth.
Designer/Styling: Chan.nel Karama Limited
Makeup Artist: Chinaka Hoshi
Model: Page Ruth

Page is a youngin' at only 16, but she's definitely wise beyond her years.
she's been modeling since she was 12 or 13 and really takes her work seriously.
my favorite part about working with her?! she does her job and let's me do mine.

behind the scenes of our first shoot together
Page getting her makeup done by Wendy
say she looks like Taylor Momsen and she'll break your face. lol jp.
she already knows she's cooler than her so she doesn't really care haha
(and yes, makeup is done in the kitchen...not so glam huh?!)

more to come from my shoot with Char'Nae and Joshua