just got these two shots from the photo shoot i styled a few weeks ago! i can't remember
how many looks i styled that day...i just remember it being super hectic.

i was still in the process of moving back from my apartment in Davis when i got a message from
Stephanie asking if i was available to style for her. everything was really thrown together since
my belongings were spread out between Davis and the Bay! i managed to pull
10+ outfits from my closet though, and it definitely helped to have my
mom's, grandma's, and cousin's closets to pull from too.

i absolutely loved working with Page, Stephanie, and Wendy. it was definitely a change to be
on a team of all girls. ever since i graduated, i've basically been on tomboy
mode (not a bad thing at all ^_^) just hanging out with my boyfriend and coming
up with random ideas we wish we had the resources to develop!

right now we're playing with the idea of making an android app/game.
we'll see how it goes! so far it's been pretty fun planning it out.

more photos from my shoot with Page soon!


Heather said...

I love the way you styled these two photos! I love both outfits! Fantastic job!! Lovely blog too.

I have actually started taken a few classes at FIT to get a certification for fashion styling. It's great to see other bloggers who working stylist. Inspirational.


Sydney at PetiteGorgeous said...

Fantastic job :).

Danielle Barbe said...

great photos - especially love the second one! so edgy.

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Amazing work! The model is gorgeous and your styling is divine!

Tee Sea said...

Love the setup of that first photo!! It's great to see the model rock out two completely different looks.

stop by!

Julie Ling said...

you are so lucky to have had such a stellar opportunity! the styling looks great!

xxo. f ashioncont a gious

Fotografia Ĺšlubna Warszawa said...

grea, great pic!