making up for my absence

since the last time i posted back in june, i got a new camera as an early birthday present from my sister. i messed around with it a bit and then later decided that i still love my old one and its quality much much more. or maybe thats just me being attached and not really liking change. hahah. anyway, here's a few photos taken in my little backyard which i truly love oh so much. my mommy put a lot of work into it and im quite proud of her. too bad the summer heat is really getting to the lawn =/

some photoshop fun

more photoshop fun. i'd LOVE a pink lawn!!!

shoes: classified
hippie-esque fresh flower headband: made by me
dress: no name brand brought back from the philippines

it's a very minimalist look isn't it?!


agnes said...

the flower headband looks lovely on you :)

~Jay~ said...

Cute pics and i just discorverd your blog and love it! so would you lyk. to trade links?

~Jay~ said...

oh yeeah and how old r you? i guessing like 17

Richel said...

The pink lawn looks fun! It kind of reminds me of what the seniors were trying to do for their senior prank at my high school.