keeping me sane

i need a hug. just like this.

top main sources of stress these days
1) keeping my mom company & helping her through her divorce
2) taking care of my 93 year old granny...love her, but man it can be difficult
3) figuring out what i really want to do with my year off before i go back for my master's
4) living up to my family's crazy expectations...I DON'T WANT TO BE A DOCTOR
5) not receiving much support for doing what i love...I DON'T WANT TO BE A NURSE
6) being surrounded by such money-oriented individuals...I DON'T WANT TO BE A DENTIST
7) trying my best to ignore my family's pressure/high standards. my uncle just told me i was fat the other day. wthhhh.
8) putting up with the question, "so why did you need your B.S. degree if all you want to do is fashion?"
COME ON PEOPLE. it's a business just like any other.

keeping me sane
1) my mister and his undying support
2) sewing & making things with my own two hands
3) the thought that I'll be back in school in a year researching what i love
4) styling shoots for photogs, models, and make-up artists who've been contacting me
5) the amazingness that is Rachel Zoe & Brad Goreski. looove her. love him. love the show.
6) my cousin who's been playing therapist. i'm so appreciative of him letting me vent
7) the silliness of Santino & Austin (two of my fave Project Runway personalities)

i ask any other bloggers to please give me proper credit/link back if you use this GIF or any of my personal images.
thanks in advance!



love the gif and rachel zoe. follow your dreams!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

great blog :)

Isabelle said...

sane #5==very true.x

Kristen Leotsakou said...

oh you shouldnt stress on that stuff! just focus on what makes you happy and the bad stuff just goes away

Secondhand Society said...

so cute xx

CoffeeBlooms said...

you shoul try to follow your dream this year and see where do they bring you...
and your uncle, definitely, is not a nice person sayng that

xs said...

that's a whole lot of shit to deal with . . . it does tend to pour when it rains doesn't it? i'm glad that you have 7 awesome things keeping you sane. i think you're amazing!