Black, White, and (Go)Green Ball

the boy and me at our table

heels + two steps = still shorter than my mister
(i wasn't lying when i said i was PETITE!!!)

my head-to-toe look

every year my major (textiles and clothing) throws a black, white, and [insert color here] ball. last year the color was pink, this year it was all about going green. in keeping with the theme, i decided to make my outfit out of the fabric that i had left over from one of my classes. luckily for me, the fabric i chose at the beginning of the quarter just happened to be white and green! i even made the boy-toy a matching bow tie. the bow in my hair was the one he was going to wear originally, but it turned out to be too small and it also clashed with his striped cardi so i made him a different one.

it isn't pictured here, but i also made a simple black and white clutch from some random black tarp i found in a janky recycling bin haha! will upload pictures of that another day.

ive been doing a lot of sewing and crafting lately...i find it's the best way for me to deal with not being able to find anything that i like in my size. being petite is really tough, but trust me, if you can get some DIY basics down, it'll save you a lot of heartache and frustration. now if only i could make my own shoes...

necklace: chain from one of my purses
shoes: from a line that i just started selling (only US sz 4 - 6 / EU sz 34 - 36 )
ring: san francisco flea market


bisou-joue said...

love the colour of your skirt !

Damsels said...

wow you look adorably tiny next to him !!
dont you jsut love the tall noe :-0
We Were Damsels

Alterations Needed said...

I'm glad you came back & started to blog again!

deep_in_vogue said...

You look so adorable, I love the play of green!

fabulous everything said...

hi ely! cutecute outfit!!! it's erika :) hope everything is going well!

Eliot Small said...

hi ely! i found a comment you made last april on one of my blogs about tegan and sara. i'm kind of slow on these kinds of things, lol. i totally wanted to go to that UC davis show they did, too! your boyfriend seems super cool. anyway, hi!! you're become quite the fashionista! :)

hope you're doing well,

ps. awesome major! good luck with your studies.

pps. you sell shoes?! badical.

ppps. awesome username... warhol 4 ever! (i sound like a nut)