polyvore phase

so every now and then, i find an interactive site that i become completely obsessed with for about a week and then have to forget about so i can actually get things done. this week, i'm back on Polyvore and i'm afraid i've become too addicted. i love creating sets of outfits that i would love to own and wear. here are a few that i dreamt up.

this one sorta reminds me of a gothic ballerina. the color of the clutch is so amazing and i would kill for that peacock headband! the shoes are crazy fierce and over the top. if they actually had my size in them, i'd probably snatch them up in an instant and pair them with some super feminine flowy dress for contrast.

the next two sets are what i imagine i would wear once i am older and working in an office or something of that sort. for now, they are a bit too mature and dressy for anything i'd ever have to go to, but it was fun putting it together!

my favorite part about polyvore though is that you can add your own items, so you can actually plan out an outfit online without having to physically try it on to see if it works! though i must admit that playing dress up physically is still one of my favorite pastimes, Polyvore's soo convenient for those lazy days when i don't feel like folding and hanging everything that i've tried on. so here's another set i put together, working in both exact and similar items that i own

i call it "grandma chic"

and here's the set materialized on me...sans the scarf and glasses. i also opted for more colorful shoes than the navy pumps.

navy dress: FCUK girls (first post)
mustard 3/4 cardigan: forever 21 (two posts ago)
whiskey ysl muse inspired purse: urban outfitters

i couldn't decide which pair of shoes i liked best!
whiskey heels: vintage yves saint laurent
mustard penny-loafer pumps: vtg, custom made for aunt



that is so cute and so stylish
congratulation my dear

cheers from Paris



Love those black patent platforms (would love to see more!!) and gorgeous bag <3

CoutureCarrie said...

Hey, doll! Thanks for the link - I love your blog too & I've just added you! I got hooked on polyvore as well. It's like Paper Dolls for grown-up fashion addicts! Had my eye on that little Miu Miu wallet in your second collage. And I think your grandma look is really "sexy librarian"! xoxo CC

Wendy said...

I like the outfit with the penny loafers. And the post you were looking for, I happened to stumble upon on the blog.


Taghrid said...

great bag!

erika said...

HEY ELY! I'm so glad i inspired u to start a blog!!! :) isnt it so much fun! anyway i've finally added u! and i will be stopping by soon. u look sooo cute and i love those shoes! and i need to start with polyvore. it looks like so much fun!

Ragamala said...

I love these polyvore things! They look like so much fun to make.

pammish said...

hi! thanks for dropping by! u are soo cute! :):) and nice picks! ilove 'em!

why they say korea & japan will take the new fashion scene, i think its still uncomparable to european style, since the latter has more "history" when it comes to fashion :) esp. the love for vintage, couture, etc :) hehe.. i dont know, but pls share more from ur fashion class! i used to sit in my friend's class before :):)

Always In Style said...

I am loving the Goth ballerina and "grandma" look. Different looks but so cool!

Runaway Gallery said...

ugh i love polyvore!!

bear said...

polyvore is great and you my dear are totally adorable!

Anonymous said...

god i love that site!