here i go again

Here I am, trying out this blogging thing once again after stumbling upon an old classmate's blog (Erika). I've said I would take it seriously many times before, but with school, work, friends and the boyfriend, well...you know how it is. This time however I will try my best to update this fashion blog frequently, well, more of a fashion diary if you will...I'll be posting my past, present, and future daily outfits just for my own reference (you know those days when you just have no idea what to wear and have to resort to an old but fab outfit). In any case, I hope you can get some inspiration from my style as well!

i wore this last night to my cousin's party. i dont need glasses, but sometimes i wish i did since my mom so passionately disapproves of my playing dress up with pre-scripted ones (she says i'll go blind!). now i've resorted to punching out the lenses of my aunt's old christian dior frames which i inexplicably love.

ring: a gift that i never ever take off
gold swing jacket borrowed from my mom: Forever21
navy dress: FCUK girls (did i mention i'm super tiny?! like size 8 in kids tiny.)
suede slouch boots: custom made in italy (i have to get a lot of shoes made since i wear a sz 4 women's)

More about me...

I’ve always been fascinated with all forms of art—though nothing can compare to my obsession with fashion. Like many other little girls, dressing up Barbie dolls was a favorite pastime of mine. However, being raised by a single mother of two, I was not so fortunate to have every outfit, accessory, and miniature pair of heels that I longed to style my doll with. While my older sister lovingly brushed her Barbie’s tresses and preserved the pre-made ensembles that came in the box, I on the other hand hacked away at her hair, changed her lip color with nail polish, and altered her outfits as I saw fit.

Tired of hearing “not this time” from my mom at the toy store, I began creating dress designs cut from construction paper that I haphazardly taped onto Barbie’s plastic bust. Never the kind to be content with a first attempt, I then started sewing makeshift dresses from paper towels and “borrowed” corners cut from my mom’s bed sheets. After receiving light spankings for ruining too many of our linens and altering everything I could get my hands on, I decided it was time to move up to scraps of material that I collected from under my granny’s sewing table.

Seemingly born with an entrepreneurial spirit, I started a line of custom mixed lip-gloss, scented glitter body lotion, and hair accessories the summer before I entered the 5th grade. Though originally meant as gifts for my best friends and something to keep me busy, my cutesy packaging and product names combined with word of mouth gained me a fair client base of elementary school girls. Not expecting to be such a hit, I gladly accepted donations and asked my customers to pay what they thought my products were worth. After receiving my first ten-dollar bill for a bottle of glitter body lotion that I named Twinkly Toesies, I called it quits and moved onto learning Photoshop on the brand new desktop that my mom bought for my sister.

Photoshop fascinated me. It was Microsoft Paint and then some. I literally spent hours after school and during the weekends learning to use all of the different kinds of brushes and tools available at the time. By the sixth grade, I was scanning my hand drawn apparel designs and playing around with the color tool to create the custom shades and prints that I wanted without ever having to compromise my original sketches. When I got tired of that, I moved onto sillier things like putting my head on Emma Watson’s body (I had the biggest crush on Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton when I was a kid!) or making my friends and family look like aliens. I kept with it and to this day I still play around in Photoshop just for fun! It's so relaxing and it's a great way for me to make collages for my blog posts.

My interests really haven't changed much because I basically just do the same things but at a deeper and more focused level. Now if I take a bed sheet from my mom to turn into a dress or skirt, she isn't so inclined to spanking me anymore ;)

Stick around for posts about my inspiration, designs, and miscellaneous ramblings.


Anonymous said...

I love the glasses! I wish I needed them too.

Brandi Stone said...

Great boots! so cute.

emmi said...

I love that navy dress

prettygeeky.com said...

Love the second pose, cute outfit..the boots rock!