because of bear

Bear brought to my attention that i have been neglecting this blog. thank you bear for giving me some incentive to keep blogging. it's just, i've already said it so many times before and as much as i have tried and apologized, this blogging thing really does take a lot of work to update constantly! so to all of you daily bloggers out there, you've got every ounce of my respect. seriously.

here's what i've been up to since the last time i posted:

i had been wanting to make something similar to any of the dresses in christopher kane's spring 2007 collection but i just never got around to it. plus i had no idea where to start. i decided to try something basic at first, and now that ive managed to successfully sew elastic, im hoping to try something with more embellishment. it definitely needs a little more fitting...but that can wait.
the green slip dress was just something i put on underneath for the sole purpose of experimenting with my creation...

two detailed shots...

also, since school has just started and the weather is finally getting colder, i've been playing dress up a lot and have been trying to come up with tons of new outfits. i think that's the best part of fashion...being able to rework old pieces into totally different ensembles.

take a thrifted plaid shirt for instance...when i bought it, it was far too baggy in the arms so i simply took in a few inches to make it more fitted and flattering on me.

here's the first fall outfit that i used it in

quite simple, but i love it. and it's so comfy too!

this second outfit is equestrian inspired as if you couldn't already tell

i really need to find some better fitting boots. these are fabulous, but they just don't hug my calves right

and lastly, here's the "i forgot my pants" look. my personal fave of the three


Jillian said...

that is soooooo freaking cool that ur making those inspired dresses!

MW said...

greatjob making that first dress! and youre so cute in that last outfit

Anonymous said...

oh wow, the banded zippered body con tube is so creative, and it looks great on you...

I love all your variations of plaid shirt dressing!

Anonymous said...

ok, now that corset is really amazing! i HAVE to try that! will you do a DIY?! love it.

Anonymous said...

ooh yes! please let me know when you're done, and post pictures, I want to seeeee (:

I try to vary the holes I poke so some of them are in the middle and some of them on the hem. The majority of them are closer to the hem.

Anonymous said...

omg, i found your blog. i remember seeing your handmadew skirt on chictopia. i tried to find the roll of fabric u used to make it but i couldn't find it at the fabric store

what is the name of the fabric srips you used. i want to make it sooo bad

Rumi said...

Love the tube idea, and the last jacket is perfect on you! I need to find me one like that.

Song of Style said...

Wow, ure so talented!
I really want that tube ure wearing as a dress!
You have to post a tutorial!!