illegal choices

a purse that i made the summer of 2007...it's a play on
the double C's of the original Coco Chanel logo. my own initials are

double E's and my first name is Ely (sounds like Ellie)!!!

CHANEL pre-fall 2009
i'm currently inspired by the classic black chanel flower and
all of the wispy feathers used in this past collection.

so tomorrow is my graduation ceremony and i'm honestly not very excited...
i guess i'm more scared or nervous. plus sad because the family members
that i really wish could be there to celebrate with me won't be able to make it.

anyway, the first thing that came to mind when i started designing my cap
was to showcase my love for fashion since i majored in Textiles & Clothing
(which is not the same as majoring in fashion design by the way!).
i also wanted to keep it simple but still personalized and so i immediately
thought of the CHANELY purse that i made almost four years ago.

my sister said that it was illegal (she's a law student) so i never had
the guts to wear it out in public...but fast forward a few years later
and after seeing everything from sharpied chanel t-shirts to "quilted"
chanel paperbags
...i now feel more comfy about wearing my design out!

i'm gonna be incorporating the logo someway or another into my
graduation cap's design. i'm just not sure how yet.

will post the final product sometime soonsies tho!


kirstyb said...

great post x

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Congratulations! I think you should definitely wear your chanel cap out and proud!! I can't wait to see the design!! xoxoxxxoo

dennicapearl said...

[: congratulations on graduation. i graduated about two weeks ago. i relate to your sentiment about not being too excited for the ceremony. the excitement comes a week after when you realize what lies ahead.

fashion design seems like your perfect field. at least now you have something to be excited about (:

- dennica pearl